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Founder Antonio Pagnani description of Empire Bullion Mint

Posted By Antonio Pagnani  
14:00 PM

Hello there and welcome,

I want to share with you a concept that is literally the cornerstone of this company and is the reason why you will never find another company like Empire Bullion Mint in the future.

You know I've worked for several different corporations in my career and some within different industries like telecommunications, energy and even in government and in each one of those large organisations I've seen millions of dollars spent on sales training and management training and even more spent on best business protocol procedures and product marketing. Now of course, all of those things are very important for the growth of a company, but I saw in each one of those companies, a very small creative department. Now I found this interesting because its our creativity that brings us amazing new products like the iPhone. Or lets even go back 100 years when Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright brought us the first aeroplane. In fact everything you see around you was once created in someone's imagination and then created a second time in reality.

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that Empire Bullion Mint is a precious metals retailer with a focus towards the manufacturing and the minting of pure gold and silver and that 'Our Mission is to bring prestige bullion investment to the world by showcasing our creativity and exclusivity.  Our products are a result of that infinite creativity and our employees are encourages to spend 20% of their duties developing their creativity for the benefit of the company. By definition, 20% of our company is our creative department and is dedicated to bringing better and more unique products, to provide our clients with a prestige service. 

And that's what sets us apart from all the rest!!

Have a phenomenal day.

Antonio Pagnani

Founder of Empire Bullion Mint